Communication strategies for PBCs

PBCs need to communicate with native title holders, their members, the board, their partners and the wider community and sector to notify them of upcoming meetings, success stories and any other matters that are important. How PBCs do this depends on the native title holders and the PBC members and board, but it must work for everyone. There are also additional requirements for certain types of native title decisions that must follow the rules of the PBCs rule book and/or the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). Some members need to hear the news through the post or in person. When members live far away from each other or the PBC wants to communicate with the broader sector, a website, newsletter or social media platform like Facebook or Instagram might most suitable. A clear communication strategy is necessary to keep everyone well-informed and to make sure the corporation runs smoothly.

PBCs might consider whether to hire a specialised communications manager, or take a more low-key approach an develop their own communications strategy.

Developing a communications strategy

There are a number of good step-by-step guides and templates for developing communications strategies developed by the non-for-profit sector by NGVO Knowhow, Smart Sheet and Our Community. For a more visual approach these slides outline what a good communications strategy looks like.

Communications strategies follow a set of main themes:

  • statement of purpose
  • analysis of the PBC’s situation
  • who is the audience?
  • what messages are communicated?
  • methods of communication
  • planning communication
  • evaluating success.

More detailed steps are outlined in the communications strategy workbook.

Further resources