Contact person or secretary

The size of the PBC and the complexity of its work determines if the corporation has a contact person (small and medium size corporations) or a secretary (large corporations). ORIC provides guidance and fact about the role of the contact person and the secretary.

The contact person manages the phone contact and mailbox for their corporation. Especially for small corporations who don’t have a dedicated office it is important that the contact person is available and contactable at all times.

A secretary is also the central contact person but has additional administrative tasks such as reporting. The secretary is often the person who takes minutes during meetings.

Board minutes are a record of board decisions and the process how these decisions were reached. Some recent discussion about the importance and accuracy of board minutes and a review of minute taking practices has led to a joint statement by the Australian Governance Institute and the Australian Institute of Company Directors covering matters including:

  • the purpose of minutes and detail to be included
  • drafts and notes
  • amendments to minutes
  • challenge and dissent
  • board papers and other supporting documents
  • legal professional privilege.

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