Role and function of a PBC

This section of Learn contains a 'Snapshot' of PBCs from across Australia with useful information for PBCs and other stakeholders wishing to engage with PBCs. It provides information about PBCs: who's involved in establishing a PBC, what forms PBCs can have, what is the role of a PBC and a large section about PBC constitutions and the rules associated with the different individuals involved in PBCs. This section also outlines the important role of PBCs in responding to Future Acts and ILUAs. A separate section discusses PBC meetings and has advice on holding successful meetings and maintaining strong governance. The final topic of this section concerns the maintenance of land and heritage which includes the return of native title materialsnative title access services and ways to establish a language project.

Bogan River weir, Wiradjuri Country, N.S.W. (Photograph: Belinda Burbidge)

Bogan River weir, Wiradjuri Country, NSW (Photograph: Belinda Burbidge)