PBC Regulations

The PBC Regulations outline the legal requirements PBCs must follow. These regulations were created through the Native Title (Prescribed Body Corporate) Regulations 1999 (PBC REGs) and made to work with the Native Title Act 1993.

CATSI Act review report draft

This comprehensive review of the CATSI Act, built on a series of reviews undertaken in recent years. Responding to feedback from stakeholders for comprehensive consideration of the ongoing role of the CATSI Act, this review would consider whether the CATSI Act is achieving its objects, particularly as a special measure under the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

Healthy Corporation Checklist

The healthy corporation checklist allows you to check your corporation’s compliance with the rule book and the law.

The checklist contains a list of questions to ask about your corporation. It also has links to important template documents and forms your corporation can use. Each question has a tickbox to record your corporation’s compliance, helping you to identify the areas that need attention.