What do young fellas reckon? Exploring the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in native title

The research informing this paper engaged directly with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about their experiences of native title. This paper reveals a number of emerging issues for the native title sector and related fields such as governance, land and water management, and the wider community sector. Key insights in this paper include the evolving ways in which connections to country and culture are being experienced; the importance of active and ongoing support and mentorship; and the need for improved access to native title knowledge and information.

Recruiting and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees: A guide for community legal centres

To assist community legal centres (CLCs) to meet the cultural safety standards in the National Accreditation Scheme (NAS), the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC) has developed this Guide to assist NACLC and CLCs to improve the attraction, recruitment, support and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees in the sector.

Managing information in native title: Survey and workshop report

This publication reports on the proceedings of a two-day national workshop on the use and security of cultural and other information accumulated through the native title claims process, which was held at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in Canberra on 16–17 March 2015. It provides an overview of the most significant factors affecting the capacity of native title organisations to manage, secure and provide appropriate access to their holdings of native title information.