Joombarn-buru Aboriginal Corporation

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Miss Cherie Sibosado
Contact number
08 9194 0100
Postal address
PO BOX 2145, BROOME WA 6725
Office address
11 Gregory Street, BROOME WA 6725
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Joombarn-buru Native Title claimants have had their unbreakable connection to Country recognised by the Federal Court, with their Native Title over a portion of land in the Kimberley being declared on Wednesday.

The recognition, delivered by Justice Neil McKerracher QC in a hearing in Perth, came after seven years of negotiations.

Those negotiations have not only been with the State of Western Australia but also with one another, as the Native Title Holder group is made up of multiple language groups.

Jabirr Jabirr–Ngumbarl, Yawuru, Nyikina, Nimanburr, Warrwa and Nyul Nyul Peoples worked together on the claim which covers land about 70 kilometres north-east of Broome and 55 kilometres west of Derby, within the Shire of Broome.

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