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07 4093 8116
Postal address
PO Box 8581, ALLENSTOWN QLD 4700
Office address
18 Prospect Street, ALLENSTOWN QLD 4700
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The Darumbal people have today welcomed a Rockhampton creek having its name changed from - Black Gin Creek - to now be known by the traditional word Dundula for gum tree.

The Darumbal people of central Queensland were recognised as the traditional owners of their land a Federal Court decision on June 21. The native title claim was first made in 1997, making it one of the longest-running claims in Queensland.

ONE of Queensland’s longest-running native title claims is a step closer to resolution with the Darumbal People today expected to gain recognition as Native Title Holders over more than 14,500 sq km of land and waters throughout the Rockhampton region.

As the Federal Court handed down the Darumbal People Native Title Consent determination yesterday, the weight of the decision was clear in Nyoka Hatfield's face. Fighting back tears, the Rockhampton born and bred Darumbul woman said the recognition was "an end and a beginning" for her people.

The Darumbal People of Central Queensland have welcomed the opportunity to rebuild their community and “achieve its full potential” following a Federal Court decision that recognises them as the traditional owners of their land.

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