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08 9072 0094
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PO Box 1451, ESPERANCE WA 6450
Office address
11A Shelden Road, ESPERANCE WA 6450
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Esperance stakeholder groups are calling on the West Australian government to shed more light on a new marine park it is planning on the community's doorstep. 

Animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria leave DNA as they move through the environment. By analysing the DNA found in water, soil, or other natural places, scientists can work out which species have been in a particular habitat. The technique could soon be added to the conservation toolkit of Esperance rangers.

Across Western Australia, Indigenous fire management practices and cultural burning principles are becoming more widely recognised and included in fire management regimes. In the state’s southeast, the Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation is working with stakeholders to bring cultural burning principles to the forefront of bushfire management.

The Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation will use its $136,500 to up-skill Aboriginal people in the sustainable harvest of native flora and regenerative agriculture including seed collection and propagation, training and mentoring, and business development.

Council have considered the feedback from the public consultation for the design of the new replacement jetty, moving a motion by the Jetty Replacement Working Group to submit recommendations to H+H Architects.

As a result of the feedback, the group requested H+H develop a strategy to interpret the jetty’s former length, move the dive platform to the end of the structure and work with the Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation to recognise the indigenous cultural heritage.

The positive determination will result in the Esperance Nyungar community receiving an annual income stream based on 25 per cent of the annual rental for exploration tenements, a direct funding package of $2.55 million over five years and a land package with an estimated value of approximately $24 million.

On Friday the Federal Court formally acknowledged the Esperance Nyungar peoples' native title claim over a 29,000 square kilometre area in the southern Goldfields.

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