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07 4124 9144
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PO Box 7411, URANGAN QLD 4655
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PO Box 7411, URANGAN QLD 4655
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On top of announcing three Renewable Energy Zones this week the Queensland Parliament paved the way  for an exclusive deal to build one of the biggest onshore wind farms in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Fraser Island native title determination formally recognises the Butchulla People’s native title rights and interests over approximately 163,826 hectares of national park on Fraser Island, and came into effect immediately upon the Federal Court’s decision last week.

As five-year-old Judah Tobane plays on the powdery white sands of Fraser Island, his father Wayne tells him they are finally home. His people call this island K’Gari, and yesterday the Federal Court of Australia recognised the native title rights of the indigenous Butchulla tribe who had inhabited the island for potentially 50,000 years.

Crowds of Butchulla people are on Fraser Island to hear the Federal Court grant their native title claim over part of the island. (Gallery of images)

After two decades of struggle, the Butchulla people have won an important battle in the campaign to rename Queensland’s tourism hot spot. The resolution of the title claim at a beachside hearing on Friday is a significant step, but convincing the wider public and overseas tourists, is a whole new challenge

After a long legal battle, the Butchulla people have been recognised as the traditional owners of Fraser Island. The historic native title determination was passed down by the Federal Court of Australia on the island among the sand, sun and surf.

The Butchulla people have been granted native title rights over part of Fraser Island in a historic Federal Court sitting on the island.

Queensland's popular Fraser Island has been returned to its Indigenous people, with the Federal Court today granting native title rights.

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