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Top End (Default PBC/CLA) Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC is the default PBC for a large number of determinations. For more information please search the National Native Title Tribunal Register (

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Tamara Cole
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08 8920 5120
Postal address
GPO Box 1222, DARWIN NT 0801
Office address
45 Mitchell Street, DARWIN NT 0800
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A crucial disallowance vote to prevent fracking in the Northern Territory has failed after both Labor and Coalition Senators opposed the vote on Wednesday.

The vote, moved by Greens Senator Larissa Waters, attempted to overturn a ministerial intervention to allocate $50 million in Federal Government grants to fund exploratory drilling for shale gas in the Beetaloo Basin, against the wishes of Traditional Owners.

As Project Sea Dragon comes one step closer to lift-off, The Fish Site assesses the potential impacts – both positive and negative – that it’s likely to have on the social, economic and environmental fabric of two remote regions of Australia.

An Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA), signed in 2017, involved Traditional Owners of lands at Legune Station agreeing to suspend their Native Title for a period of 95 years in exchange for an undisclosed value in compensation.

The Aboriginal land council representing traditional owners in the Top End has filed a compensation claim against the Northern Territory Government over the effects of the McArthur River Mine on their native title rights and alleged damage to sacred sites.

After nearly two decades in the courts the native title holders of the Banka Banka (East and West), Helen Springs and Powell Creek pastoral leases celebrated recognition of their ongoing connection to country at a consent determination.

The future of the Beetaloo Basin is in doubt because traditional owners have decided they want to take over the power to negotiate with gas companies.

The High Court is sitting in the Northern Territory for the first time in history to hear a native title compensation case hailed as one of "the biggest test cases in Indigenous rights since Mabo".

The case will set a precedent about how to calculate native title compensation, as these provisions in the Native Title Act 1993 have never before been tested in the High Court.

An appeal by the NT government against a $3.3 million native title payout to Aboriginal people from a remote area has begun in the first High Court sitting in Darwin in the court's 115-year history.

The Ngaliwurru and Nungali people of Timber Creek were awarded compensation two years ago by the Federal Court over the loss of native title rights, due to the fact that a town had been built on their land.

Governments around the country are closely watching a landmark case in the Northern Territory which has entered the next stage in assessing how to award compensation for the loss of native title rights for the first time.

"That country was given to them from elders beforehand and we was specifically told to look after that country because of all the sites that surround Timber, some of those sites are so important to us that we have to look after it," he said

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