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The Kurundi consent determination was made by Reeves J on the 14th July 2011. The determination relates to an area of land covered by a pastoral lease known as kurundi station. The applicants include four land-holding groups: the Mirtartu, Warupunju, Arrawajin and Tijampara People.

The rights and interests specified in the order cover access; residence; hunting, gathering and fishing; taking and using natural resources and water; lighting fires for domestic purposes (but not for clearing vegetation); access, maintenance and protection of important sites; conducting ceremonies, cultural activities, meetings, teaching (with a qualified right to privacy); making decisions about the use and enjoyment of the land and waters by aboriginal people who recognise themselves as governed by traditional law and custom; sharing or exchanging natural resources including traditional items made from the natural resources; and being accompanied by non-native title holders under some circumstances.

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Jorna Murphy
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PO Box 3321, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0871
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27 Stuart Highway, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0870
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