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The Kuuku Ya’u People of Cape York had their native title rights recognised over their traditional sea country. In a consent determination, Justice Andrew Greenwood recognised the Kuuku Ya’u People’s:

  • exclusive native title rights over 10 sq km of land and
  • non-exclusive rights over about 1,970sq km of the sea on the east of Cape York Peninsula.

The consent determination area includes land in the vicinity of the Portland Roads township, Rocky Island, Sandy Islet, Pigeon Island, Quoin Island National Park, Piper Islands National Park, part of Forbes Islands National Park and surrounding seas.

The Kuuku Ya’u People negotiated with the Commonwealth and Queensland governments, Cook Shire Council, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council and commercial fishing licence holders to reach the consent determination. Three indigenous land use agreements (ILUAs) were agreed to, establishing how the Kuuku Ya’u People’s rights and interests will work in the each area. The Kuuku Ya’u People are the only other Queenslander native title group to have had their sea rights recognised.

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The successful claim by Kuuku Ya'u and Uutaanlanu Traditional Owners is one of the largest in the country's history and ends decades of waiting. Almost 2,200 square kilometers of land has been handed back to Kuuku Ya'u and Uutaalnganu people under the first successful Native Title determination in the Cape York United #1 claim.

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