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The Abm Elgoring Ambung Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC acts as an agent for the native title rights and interests of the Kowanyama People in south-west Cape York. The native title rights and interests of the Kowanyama people were recognised in Kowanyama People determination in 2009. In 2012, the Kowanyama people had two more native title claims recognised in Kowanyama People #2 and Kowanyama People #3. The combined area of all three claims is approximately 19,800 square kilometres. 

The name ‘Kowanyama’ means ‘the place of many waters’ and the area includes the Mitchell River System which has a tidal ecosystem where seasonal watering occurs over 40km. The significant wetlands area continues to be used and monitored and managed by the traditional owners. 

The Abm Elgoring Ambung PBC runs Kowanyama camping and rents out four camping grounds on their traditional country to tourists in the area. 

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Tania Major
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07 4060 5224
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Kowanyama Shopping Mall, Gilbert White Street, KOWANYAMA QLD 4892
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The Kowanyama peoples have won native title rights to more than 16,000 square kilometres of pastoral property in far north Queensland.

Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, today attended the consent determination recognising native title by the Kowanyama People over an area on the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland.

The Federal Court has granted traditional owners native title over a large area on western Cape York Peninsular in Queensland.

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