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27 South Street, BROKEN HILL NSW 2880
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27 South Street, BROKEN HILL NSW 2880
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The NSW Government will transfer management and ownership of the Menindee Lakes Caravan Park to the region’s traditional owners in a landmark agreement for the Far West.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment – Crown Lands will work with the Barkandji Registered Native Title Body Corporate to progressively transfer the caravan park over the next 12 months.

The Barkandji people were recognised as traditional owners of land in Far Western NSW when a native title determination was made by the Federal Court in 2015.

State upper house members visited far west this week as part of inquiry into proposed water projects. Members hear communities concerns about water infrastructure projects at Broken Hill hearing.

It's been an 18 year fight, but NSW's biggest native title determination was handed down on Tuesday in front of hundreds of Barkandji people.

The Barkandji people have been recognised as the traditional owners of land in far western New South Wales, after a court ruling on the state's largest native title claim.

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