Dauanalgaw (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation RNTBC

Determination: In effect - Finalised

Determination: In effect - Not Finalised

Determination: Conditional - Full

Outcome: Native title does not exist

Outcome: Native title exists (exclusive)

Outcome: Native title exists (non-exclusive)

Outcome: Native title extinguished

ILUAs: ILUA registered

ILUAs: ILUA in notification

ILUAs: ILUA notification ended

ILUAs: ILUA subject to objection (not withdrawn) and/or adverse material


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Type of RNTBC
Contact number
07 4069 4266
Postal address
C/- Dauan Island Council, Dauan Island via THURSDAY ISLAND, QLD 4875
Office address
Lot 52 Main Road, Dauan Island via, THURSDAY ISLAND QLD 4875
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The national total of native title applications settled by negotiation has doubled with a series of agreements ratified in the Torres Strait this week. At sittings on islands in the Torres Strait on 6 and 7 July 2000, the Federal Court formally recognised the native title rights of the people of Dauan, Mabuiag, Poruma (Coconut), Warraber, Masig and Damuth Islands. The Court proceedings were followed by traditional celebration

Determination outcomes

Name FC name Tribunal number Determined outcome Area