Karajarri Traditional Lands Association (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC

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Type of RNTBC
Contact name
Samuel Bayley
Contact number
08 9192 8430
Postal address
Po Box 1539, BROOME WA 6725
Office address
Karajarri Traditional Lands Association Office, Office 2, Broome Lotteries House, Lot 620 Cable Beach Road, BROOME WA 6725
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The McGowan Government has today launched an innovative economic development pilot project to reform land tenure in remote communities to improve economic, health and social outcomes for Aboriginal people. The Land Activation Project is a place-based pilot project incorporating land tenure reform to set the stage for improved economic development outcomes, community governance, upgrade of essential services and to provide additional housing. ​Bidyadanga, Western Australia’s largest remote community, has been selected as the pilot site and the McGowan Government has committed $7.3 million towards the project.

A Kimberley oil and gas fracking project that has gained the support of traditional owners after more than a year of negotiations is unlikely to go ahead under a WA gas export ban, the proponent says.

Privately-owned Theia Energy entered into a land use agreement over the weekend with the Karajarri Traditional Lands Association, the Traditional Owners of the region that is set to host Australia’s largest new oil hotspot.

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