Yawuru Native Title Holders Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

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The native title claim of the Yawuru people has been finalized over Broome in a series of determinations covering 5,298sq km. The earliest application was originally lodged in 1994. The determination delivered by the Federal Court's Justice Ronald Merkel recognises the Yawuru people as the native title holders of the Broome area and that they have successfully maintained their traditional laws and customs in relation to the land and waters covered by the Rubibi application.

The determination area includes land in and around the townsite and two pastoral stations. Non exclusive rights and interests recognised included the right to live on land; the right to access and move about on the land and waters; the right to hunt and gather on the land and waters for personal, domestic or non-commercial communal (social, cultural, religious, spiritual and ceremonial) purposes. The determination also identifies areas where native title has been extinguished.

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