Yarnangu Ngaanyatjarraku Parna (Aboriginal Corporation)

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The Yarnangu Ngaanyatjarraku Parna (Aboriginal Corporation) administers land on behalf of the people of Ngaanyatjarra lands. Their ownership was recognised in two consent determinations made in 2005 and 2008.
The determinations arose out of six separate applications for native title made in 2004. The claimed area included 187,000 square kilometres of land and waters near the border between Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. It includes the Gibson Desert Nature Reserve and the Warburton Range Stock Route.

All claimants agreed to combine their claim to enable what was the largest determination area in native title history. The consent determination recognised the claimants’ exclusive native title rights over parts of the determination area, and non-exclusive rights in relation to the Warburton Range Stock Route, where there has been partial extinguishment of native title. 2,700 men and women are named in the schedule to the order as native title holders.

In addition to the determination, the Yarnangu Ngaanyatjarraku Parna (Aboriginal Corporation) also administers three Indigenous Land Use Agreements which relate to access, mining and infrastructure in the claim area.

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