Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation

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The Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation administers land on behalf of the Ngarla people. Their ownership was formally recognised in the Ngarla and Ngarla #2 determination of 2007.

This determination arose from three different native title claims which were eventually successfully negotiated. All parties agreed that the Ngarla people hold non-exclusive native title rights over some parts of the claim area, including non-exclusive rights to possession, use and occupation.

As this determination was concluded, National Native Title Tribunal member Dan O’Shea, who facilitated the mediation, said that it appears possible that ‘resolution of all matters in the Pilbara [will be seen] in the foreseeable future.’

In addition to this determination, the Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation also administers an Indigenous Land Use Agreement made between the claimant group and local pastoralists which relates to how native title rights are to be recognised in the area.

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