Wanjina-wunggurr (Native Title) Aboriginal Corporation

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The Wanjina-wunggurr (Native Title) Aboriginal Corporation administers land on behalf of the Wanambal, Worrorra and Ngarinyin language groups. Their ownership over the land was recognised in the Wanjina-Wunggurr Wilinggin Native Title Determination No 1 of 2004 and subsequently in Uunguu Part A, Dambimangari and Uunguu Part B.

The first determination, Wanjina-Wunggur Wilinggain, arose from a claim to native title first made in 1995. The claim was made over 7,000 square kilometres in the northwest Kimberley. This claim was litigated through the Federal Court: the trial took three years and encompassed 59 days of hearings.

The determination recognised that the claimants are one cultural group sharing laws, customs and beliefs despite being from different language groups. The determination recognised that the claimant group held native title rights over parts of the determination area, include some areas of exclusive possession and rights to use the pastoral leases which have not been enclosed or improved.

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