Walalakoo Aboriginal Corporation

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The Walalakoo Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC administers land on behalf of the Nyikina Mangala people. Their ownership over the land was recognised in the Nyikina Mangala determination of 2014.

This case arose from a native title claim made in 1998 by the Nyikina Mangala people. The Nyikina Mangala application covers an area of approximately 26, 215 square kilometres of land and waters located to the south of Derby, east of Broome and west of Fitzroy Crossing.

Aside from the agreement signed by all parties, the Court also had to determine the issue of whether an apical ancestor whose name was not included in the first application should be included within the native title holding group. The Court found that although the description of the claim group had not been amended to include the apical ancestor, the long running application should not fail because of the small defect.

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