Tjurabalan Native Title Land Aboriginal Corporation

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The Tjurabalan Native Title Land Aboriginal Corporation, located in Balgo, administers land on behalf of the Tjurbalan people. Their ownership over the land was first recognised in the Tjurbalan People determination of 2001.

This determination arose from a native title claim first lodged in March 1996. Over the subsequent five years, this claim moved back and forth between mediation and the Federal Court until the parties were able to reach agreement. In 2001 all parties agreed to recognise that native title exists in relation to the determination area and that the Tjurabalan people are the common law holders of that title. This title includes the right to posses, occupy, use and enjoy the land and waters to the exclusion of all others, except those people whose rights and interests were recognised in the consent determination.

The agreement was affirmed and approved by the Federal Court later in 2001. In making his decision, Justice Carr also granted confidentiality reports over the connection material used during the claim which required that the native title holders be notified and consulted about their subsequent use.

In addition to the determination, the Tjurbalan Native Title Land Aboriginal Corporation has also concluded a shared responsibility agreement relating to health care, policing and justice within their community with Federal, State and local governments.

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