The Jurruru Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

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The Jurruru Aboriginal Corporation holds native title on trust for the Jurruru people. Their native title rights and interests were recognised in the Jurruru People Part A determination of 1 September 2015. This was the culmination of a 15 year legal effort towards the recognition of Jurruru traditional law and custom, and continuous connection to the land.

The Court recognised the native title rights and interests held by the Jurruru people in respect to land and waters within an area of approximately 10,500 square kilometeres in the central Ashburton River valley in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Much of the area is pastoral leases or unallocated crown land, and the Jurruru people enjoy non-exclusive access to its land and waters. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to enter and travel over the land, erect temporary shelters, take and use natural resources, and engage in cultural activities.

Last updated 16 October 2015.

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