Mualgal (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation

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The Mualgal (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation administers land on behalf of the Mualgal people. The Mualgal’s people ownership of Moa and other islands in the Torres Strait was recognised in two native title determinations: the Moa Island determination and the Mualgal #2 determination.

The Moa Island determination was the result of an agreement negotiated between the parties to recognise native title. The agreement acknowledges the Mualgal people’s right to possess, use, occupy and enjoy Moa Island according to their traditional customs. Made in February 1999, this was the first determination in the Torres Strait since the Mabo decision.

The Mualgal #2 determination was also negotiated between the parties. Lodged in 2002, over four years the parties agreed to recognise the Mualgal peoples native title right to:

This agreement was affirmed by the Federal Court in 2006 in conjunction with another claim (Badu & Moa People #2). These two consent determinations recognise the Badulgal and Mualgal people’s native title over 80 uninhabited islands in the Torres Strait. In addition to the Moa Island and Mualgal #2 determinations, the Mualgal (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation also administers an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with Telstra over Moa Island.

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