Garboi (Torres Strait Islander) Corporation

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Garboi (Torres Strait Islander) Corporation administers land and waters owned by the Poruma and Masig people on Garboi (or Arden) Island. This ownership was recognised in 2005 in the native title determination Garboi. The Garboi (Torres Strait Islander) Corporation administers the native title rights and interests of the Poruma and Masig people over the uninhabited Garboi (Arden) Island.

The Garboi determination arose from an application made in 2001 by the Masig and Poruma peoples. This claim covered the entire area of Garboi Island except for a small area at the western end, which is subject to a lease held by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. This claim was successfully negotiated between the parties with all agreeing to recognise the Masig and Poruma people’s native title rights over the uninhabited island, including to:

When this agreement came before the Federal Court for approval, Justice Black considered that it was appropriate to recognise native title because of the 'continuous, spiritual and cultural connection of the Masig and Poruma Peoples' with Garboi. He also recognised that the island 'occupies an important role in the belief system of the claimants'.

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