Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

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The Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC administers 1181 square kilometres of ecologically sensitive land on Shelburne Bay in northeast Cape York in trust for the Wuthathi people. The Wuthathi people first lodged their native title application on 10 October 1997. On 23 May 2002, six people on behalf of the Wuthathi people filed a new application over what is now the determination area.

Between the first application in 1997 and the new application in 2002, the tenure of the land changed from being a pastoral lease to ‘unallocated State land’. This triggered the application of s 47B NTA and, as one or more members of the claim group were in occupation of the claim area at the relevant time, ensured any prior extinguishment of native title rights and interests in the claim area could be disregarded. A consent determination was reached in April 2015.

Justice Greenwood, in his judgment, observed that the intervening years had seen the passing of many of senior Wuthathi elders who ought to have had the opportunity of enjoying the recognition by all Australians of their native title rights and interests.

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