Wabubadda Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

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The Wabubadda Aboriginal Corporation has been established as the Prescribed Body Corporate for the Jirrbal People and administers land on their behalf. The Jirrbal People #1 determination arose from a claim application lodged on 16 January 2003 to exclusive possession over unallocated state land as well as non-exclusive rights over other tenures. Subsequent applications, Jirrbal People #1 and #2 both lodged on 18 February 2004 contained claims to non-exclusive rights over reserves, national parks, state forests and forest reserves.

The Jirrbal Peoples Native Title was recognised in the Federal Court of Australia on 8 October 2010. The determination area covers approximately 92,000 hectare of their traditional lands in and around the township of Ravenshoe and Herbeton QLD. The three consent determination recognised the Jirrbal’s Peoples non-exclusive rights to access, camp, take resources, protect and maintain important sites site and in engage in cultural and spiritual activities on the land. In addition, non-exclusive native title rights and interests exists over water in the total determination area.

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