Pitta Pitta RNTBC

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The Pitta Pitta Aboriginal Corporation administers land on behalf of the Pitta Pitta people. Their ownership over the land was recognised in the Pitta Pitta People determination of 2012.

The Pitta Pitta People’s native title rights and interests in relation to over 30,000 square kms of lands and waters in northwest Queensland was formally recognised by the Federal Court at a special hearing held at Boulia, on 28 August 2012.

The Pitta Pitta People’s Native Title Application was registered on 5 March 2001. The claim was first filed in 1999 but has been amended a number of times since. Two of the five people who made the original application passed away before seeing the recognition of native title. The respondent parties included the state of Queensland, the Boulia, Cloncurry, Diamantina and Winton Shire Councils, and a large number of pastoralists. Because the claim was so complex, it was referred to intensive case management in the Court in 2011 where the parties subsequently reached agreement.

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