Ngrragoonda Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

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The Ngrragoonda Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC administers land on behalf of the Gudjala People. Their native title rights and interests were first recognised in the Gudjala #1 and Gudjala #2 native title determinations of 2014.

The Court recognised the Gudjala people as having native title rights and interests over approximately 10,617square kilometres of traditional lands in an area generally known as Northern Queensland, in the Regional Shire Councils of Etheridge, Flinders and Charters Towers. This decision was based on two applications for determination of native title: the Gudjala People Core Country Claim #1 (Gudjala #1); and the Gudjala People Core Country Claim #2 (Gudjala #2). The Court decided these matters together due to their geographic proximity and similarity of anthropological evidence.
The Court also made note of the assistance to pastoralists under the Native Title Respondent Funding Scheme, cancelled in 2012 and reinstituted in January 2014, was yet to be received by Queensland pastoralists, the Court also identified that bids for the funding appears to have exceeded funds available and provided that, although the Executive Government has the discretion to make funding decisions, this funding beneficially contributed to the administration of justice, making a connection between this funding, the length of time native title matters may take to resolve, and Parliament’s goal of national reconciliation.

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