Mithaka Aboriginal Corporation

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The Mithaka Aboriginal Corporation holds in trust the native title rights and interests of the Mithaka people of south-western Queensland. The Mithaka people’s non-exclusive native title over a 33,752 square kilometre area adjacent to the South Australian border was recognised after a 13 year legal battle in October 2015.

Mediation with the different interests, primarily pastoral leases, in the determination area ceased in September 2015, and it appeared that a litigated determination would be the likely outcome. In the end, litigation was avoided and a consent determination was reached.

Elders and community leaders saw the decision as heralding a new era of ‘renewal’ for the Mithaka people, presenting them with a strong economic and social footing to pursue their dreams and aspirations, and uphold their obligation to country. Mithaka traditional owners continue to be involved in a dispute with the Queensland Government over fracking and oil extraction, fearing they will endanger the water table, and have sought assistance on the matter from the United Nations.

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