Jinibara People Aboriginal Corporation

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The Jinibara People Aboriginal Corporation administers land and waters on behalf of the Jinibara People. In a consent determination on 20 November 2012, the Federal Court recognised the exclusive and non-exclusive native title rights of the Jinibara People to more than 700 square kilometres of land and waters.

The determination area stretches from the Blackall, Conondale and D’Aguilar ranges to parts of the Sunshine Coast and the Brisbane River. It is the first native title determination in southeast Queensland. As the Applicants did not nominate a prescribed body corporate to be trustee, the Court determined that native title is to be held by the native title holders under the determination and the Jinibara People Aboriginal Corporation is the prescribed body corporate for the purposes of the Native Title Act.

This determination recognises the non-exclusive native title rights of the Jinibara People, including the right to hunt, fish, participate in ceremonies and be buried on the land. The determination also recognises exclusive possession rights over 1.38 square kilometres of land, described in Part 1, Schedule 1 of the determination.

The Jinibara application was originally lodged in 1998. The application was refined a number of times and was last amended on 26 October 2012. The parties reached agreement under s.87 of the Native Title Act on the terms of a proposed consent determination.

Justice Reeves acknowledged that the determination area had been subject to rapid European settlement in which local Indigenous people were initially retained as station workers and later moved out of the area to designated Aboriginal settlements. His Honour commended the applicants’ tenacity notwithstanding this history and made the departing point that the orders of the Court do not grant native title but recognise pre-existing native title that the Jinibara People have long held.

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