Ipima Ikaya Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

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The Ipima Ikaya Aboriginal Corporation holds land and waters on the northern tip of the Cape York Peninsula in trust for the McDonnell Atampaya, Gudang Yadhaigana and Angkamuthi Seven Rivers groups. It was previously known as the Northern Cape York Group #1 Aboriginal Corporation, but changed to the current name in February 2015.

While the Northern Cape York Group #1 determination which recognised the native title rights and interests of these groups was handed down in October 2014, this occurred on the condition that four Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs) with other stakeholders be negotiated and registered. The last of these ILUAs was registered on 2 April 2015, and so from that date the determination took effect.

Although composed of three different socio-territorial groups and four language groups, the native title claimants in this case pursued a joint claim to their contiguous traditional lands on the northern tip of the Cape York Peninsula. Anthropologist Dr Anthony Redmond, in his supplementary report, gave the opinion that the claimants’ predecessors shared membership in a single regional society and held a shared body of traditional laws and customs. The long and continued history of customary intermarriage between the groups and their own strong beliefs on their relative similarity to each other in opposition to their other neighbours further supported the decision to recognise joint native title rights and interests to the area.

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