Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

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The Gungarri Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC administers land on trust for the Gunggari people. In June 2012, the Federal Court recognised the Gunggari people’s native title rights over approximately 13,600 km² of lands and waters in the South Central region of Queensland, roughly situated between the towns of Charleville, Mitchell, St George and Bollon.

On 8 March 1996, Robert Munn on behalf of the Gunggari people lodged two applications for native title. This application was amended in 2001 to divide the claim into Parts A and B. In 2009, Part A of the claim was dismissed, after the claimants made an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with the State of Queensland. In 2012, a consent determination was successfully made, recognising the Gunggari’s non-exclusive native title rights over the determination area.

In total, the proceedings took sixteen years to be resolved, which included years of mediation between the parties and four amendments to the native title application. Reeves J described this as an ‘inordinately long period’ and noted that ‘[j]ustice delayed is justice denied.’

In addition to the consent determinations, the Gungarri Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC also administers eight Indigenous Land use Agreements in relation to parts of the determination areas.

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