Gangali Narra Widi Aboriginal Corporation

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The Gangali Narra Widi Aboriginal Corporation is the agent for the native title rights and interests of the Widi people of the Nebo estate. Specifically, these rights and interests are recognised over approximately four square kilometres of land near the town of Nebo, southwest of Mackay in northern Queensland, and an adjacent area of 530 square kilometres which is shared with the Barada Barna people.

The unique situation of the much larger shared area with the Barada Barna and the 4 square kilometres of Widi land, made up of five discontinuous parcels, is a result of the Widi people’s decision to have their claim heard in conjunction with the Barada Barna people’s claim. Much of the Widi claim overlapped with the Barada Barna claim, creating a large shared area and leaving small portions of land north of the border of the Barada Barna claim which were recognised as solely Widi land.

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