Bularnu Waluwarra Wangkayujuru Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

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The Bularnu Waluwarra Wangkayujuru Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC administers land on behalf of the Bularnu Waluwarra and Wangkayujuru people. Their native title rights and interests were recognized in the Bularnu Waluwarra and Wangkayujuru People determination of 2014.

The application and the terms of the native title determination sought in the present case by the applicants recognise the extinguishment of native title in whole or in part over a large proportion of the claim area, as well as recognising a range of rights and interests in land that now exist in the claim area. It is worth noting that the area of land over which exclusive native title rights is sought is small. Also there are portions of the claim area for which a determination of non-exclusive use is sought, and there are very substantial parts of the claim area (mostly those parts occupied by permanent improvements and pursuant to pastoral leases) where the proposed determination recognises that native title does not exist and has been extinguished. It follows that all interested parties consented to a determination of native title in the form sought, except for a group of people represented by Lorna Bogdanek. The Court found that the evidence in this matter did not provide enough support to make a decision on the issues Mrs Bogdanek had raised as a respondent in this matter. The court ordered that native title rights of the applicants should be recognised. This was subject to some amendments to be made to the form of determination attached to the statement of claim. The Court in the orders directed the parties to file an agreed form of final determination. As a respondent Mrs Bognadek is required to participate in the process.

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