Bar-Barrum Aboriginal Corporation

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The Bar-Barrum Aboriginal Corporation administers land owned by the Bar-Barrum people. The Bar-Barrum people’s ownership was recognised in the Bar-Barrum People determination which arose from a claim made in November 1996. This claim was negotiated between the Bar-Barrum People, the Djirrbal people (an adjacent Indigenous group) where both parties agreed to reduce the size of the claimed area. Subsequently, the Bar-Barrum people also negotiated with the State of Queensland, several shire councils, Ergon Energy and Telstra. All parties to these negotiations recognised that the Bar-Barrum people held native title over the claimed area, giving them the right to posses, occupy, use and enjoy the determination area in accordance with and subject to their traditional laws and customs and the lawful force and operation of the Commonwealth and the State of Queensland.

This agreement was affirmed and approved by the Federal Court in June 2001. In his judgment, Justice Hely noted the benefits and increasing popularity of negotiated settlements in comparison with contested determinations, which can be 'lengthy, costly and divisive in the community'.

In addition to the Bar-Barrum People determination, the Bar-Barrum Aboriginal Corporation also administers six Indigenous Land Use Agreements, regarding fossicking, access and development.

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