Ngalyia (Aboriginal Corporation)

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The Ngalyia Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC administers land on behalf of the Jiri/Kuyukurlangu, Kumpu, Kunajarrayi, Mikanji, Pikilyi, Pirrpirrpakarnu, Wantungurru, Wapatali/Mawunji, Warlukurlangu, Yamaparnta, Yarripiri and Yarungkanyi/Murrku Estate Groups. Their native title rights and interests were first recognised in the Mt Doreen Perpetual Pastoral Lease native title determination of 2013.

This matter concerned the second claim over land and waters subject to pastoral leases to the north-west of Alice Springs. The second claim was made by twelve groups over approximately 7,400 square kilometres of land and waters within the Mount Doreen pastoral lease and parts of the North-West Stock Route (350 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs).

In both cases the parties had reached an agreement on the external boundaries of the determination area in which native title existed and on a number of areas within these boundaries which should be excluded from the claim including roads traversing the land, land held in fee simple, areas the subject of pastoral improvements and public works. The determination areas were both subject to pastoral leases issued within the last 20 years. The Court noted that this was only recent history compared with the claimant’s historical relationship with the land.

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