Ilperrelhelam Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

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The Ilperrelhelam Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC administers land and waters on behalf of the Ilperrelhelam, Malarrarr, Nwerrarr, Meyt, Itnwerrengayt and Ampwertety Landholding Groups. Ilperrelham People’s ownership was recognised in the lake Nash determination. The consent determination area covers the Lake Nash and Georgina Downs pastoral properties in the Northern Territory, near its border with Queensland.

The native title rights and interests recognised in the determination are non-exclusive possession rights including the right to access the area; to live on the area (including camping and erecting shelters and other structure); hunting, fishing and gathering; taking and using the natural resources; to take and use natural waters (except for water captured by the pastoralists); to light fires (but not for clearing vegetation); to conduct ceremonies and other activities on the land; and to share or exchange natural resources obtained on or from the land and waters. An additional right recognised was the ‘right to speak for and make decisions about the use and enjoyment of the land and waters by Aboriginal people who recognise themselves to be governed by the traditional laws and customs acknowledged by the native title holders’. The determination identifies those areas where it was agreed that native title was extinguished because of pastoral improvements such as homesteads, airstrips, and stockyards; and public works, such as public roads, gravel pits, and pipelines.

Ilperrelhelam Aboriginal Corporation was nominated as the prescribed body corporate for the purposes of section 57(2) NTA.

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