Ilkewartn Ywel Aboriginal Corporation

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The Ilkewartn Ywel Aboriginal Corporation is a small registered native title body corporate that represents the Ilkewartn and Ywel Anmatyerr people north of Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory. The Ilkewartn and Ywel Anmatyerr peoples land was recognised in the Pine Hill Station Determination in 2009.

The Ilkewartn people and the Ywel Anmatyerr people hold native title in parts of the determination area. This determination area covers 117,600 hectares of land along the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory, approximately 150 kilometres north of Alice Springs. The determination area is divided into four parts, and both parties concede that in one part (road reserve delineated on survey plan S2007/0220A to G) native title has been extinguished. The parties agree, however, that native title should be recognised in the other three areas.

In addition to this determination, an ILUA was registered in November 2007 to provide for a 25 square kilometre Community Living Area for Aboriginal people, as well as other areas for horticultural activity, an art centre and a road reserve. In return, native title was extinguished on two other blocks. (For more information, see Pine Hill Community Living Area ILUA-linked as a related entity).

Reeves J found that the Northern Territory had taken a real and significant interest in the proceedings, that the parties had the benefit of independent and competent legal representation in developing the agreement, that the terms of the agreement were clear and that the agreement had been produced as a result of negotiation. The Court, therefore, was able to make the consent determination.

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