Eynewantheyne Aboriginal Corporation

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Eynewantheyne Aboriginal Corporation acts as an agent for the native title rights and interests of the Anmatyerr and Kaytetye speaking traditional owners of what are now Stirling and Neutral Junction Stations in the Northern Territory. The traditional owners comprise 13 different landholding groups: Akalperre, Amakweng, Alapanp, Arlwekarr, Arlpawe, Arnerre, Arnmanapwenty, Errene/Warlekerlange, Errnweltye, Kwerrkepentye, Rtwerrpe, Tyarre Tyarre and Wake.

The native title application was originally filed by the Central Land Council, on behalf of the traditional owners, in July 2011. This was in response to mining exploration licence applications for the properties, with the CLC wanting to ensure the traditional owners would have a say on mining exploration on their country. Their native title rights and interests were recognised in the Stirling/Neutral Junction Pastoral Lease determination of 7 April 2016.

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