Yaegl Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

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Yaegl Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC holds land in trust for the Yaegl people of North Coast NSW. The Yaegl people’s native title rights and interests were recognised in the Yaegl People #1 and Yaegl People #2 determinations made in June 2015.

By the time Yaegl People #1 was determined, it had become the longest ever native title case, running for nearly 19 years. It was concerned with a number of waterways and their banks at the estuary of the Clarence River. The related Yaegl People #2 was filed in 2011, and established non-exclusive interests on land along the coast from Woombah south to Wooli, as well as further reaches of the Clarence River system and other areas in the Clarence Valley.

Justice Jagot, in her reasons for judgment, noted that the large difference in the time it took to conclude negotiations on both claims was evidence that unreasonable delays, and the suffering they cause traditional owners, were no longer tolerated in the community.

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