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PBCs take care of country, in a range of contexts, and bring unique experience to that work, reflecting the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture throughout Australia. PBCs also have a common context and common challenges in which they operate. Many PBC decisions involve land and water management, engaging with government around service delivery, carrying out and maintaining traditional and contemporary land use activities and creating development opportunities and enterprises to improve the wellbeing of their native title communities.

Most PBCs carry out significant unpaid work with negotiated settlements or consent determinations often lacking ‘inbuilt’ funding mechanisms. However all PBCs are committed to their role as custodians of country and need to be supported in achieving aspirations for independence in looking after country and representing their own interests to those in government and decision making powers.

PBCs are registered with the Office of Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) and which have prescribed functions under the Native Title Act 1993 (NTA) to:

In addition to carrying out their statutory functions, PBCs enagage in a diverse range of activities on country that include:

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